Quality System Service Contract

Providing Quality System Service Contracts Across The North West

PCH recommend to all our clients the option of our bespoke services of Quality System Service Contracts and Quality Manager Representation. They are designed for businesses, that are looking for a cost effective way of managing their Quality requirements or need Quality representation but not on a full time basis.

You will receive all the benefits of having a Quality Manager without the high cost of salary / benefits incurred with a full time appointment. For an agreed monthly allocation normally 4 days per month (Dependant on size of business), our representative will manage your quality requirements and provide a report on the performance of the defined areas of the business which you can utilise for your management review / monthly briefings.

In today’s market place there is more and more responsibility being passed down the supply chain to all businesses of varying sizes with an emphasis on Quality and Quality System Management. The only way to keep ahead of the competition is to demonstrate your commitment to Quality and your approach to Quality System management.

Having a Quality representative on site will give your customers the added confidence that you understand the importance of managing and fulfilling their requirements and have the infrastructure in place to deliver when they are required.

Advice and guidance to all your staff will be provided on Quality issues and the use of the Quality system, which will not only enhance the performance of your business but also result in projecting a professional image for your business when your employees communicate with customers.

Our Service Contract / Representation will cover the following areas:

1.  Internal Audit Planning and Audits/reporting/corrective actions carried out.

2.  Documentation control maintained – updating and release of new procedures, manual, policy, objectives, forms, templates.

3.  Customer liaison on quality issues.

4.  Non Conformance issue management.

5.  Customer complaint management.

6.  Quality Plans / Inspection and test plans generated if required.

7.  Third party certification audit management (implementing corrective action as a result of findings).

8.  Employee advice / instruction on all matters relating to the management of the QMS.

9.  Maintenance of the QMS structure.

10. Assistance in Supplier Quality issues and Supplier auditing.

The key benefits of a Service Contract:

1.  A cost effective way to maintain and improve your Businesses Quality obligations.

2.  Presents a professional image to your customers, giving them confidence in your business and its approach to Quality and Quality System Management.

3.  Provides assistance to your employees in all matters relating to Quality and Quality System Management.

4.  Piece of mind knowing your quality system is being maintained and updated as and when required.

All our Service contracts will be designed to be bespoke to the individual needs of your business, contracts can be adjusted once in place if the needs of the business change. The end result is to ensure that your business quality issues and customer obligations are addressed and maintained at all times.

Case Studies

Velden Engineering (UK) Ltd (Quality System Service Contracts)

March 3, 2020

PCH have been engaged to provide a full quality management service not only to maintain the quality system but to provide quality management representation for the business for both clients and suppliers, our flexibility ensures we have an agreed presence on site on a weekly basis and are available to provide off site assistance when…

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