Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators - Monitoring Your Business Performance

With any business it is essential that the performance of the business is monitored against the defined objectives and targets.  To ensure the required performance level is achieved and maintained.

PCH can offer a series of easy to implement Key Performance Indicators or Business Monitors in the following areas (examples only – monitors can be adapted for any process or department):

1) Sales
2) Quotations
3) Outgoing Delivery
4) Supplier Delivery
5) Quality
6) Production

Our monitors are simply designed to be easily translated and to include action statements, Pareto Analysis to ensure an adequate review is carried out and followed up.

Case Studies

Velden Engineering Ltd (Key Performance Indicators)

March 3, 2020

PCH have implemented a comprehensive set of business indicators which are generated monthly designed on a dashboard template giving the management team a one page overview of how the business is performing in all areas covering Sales, Deliveries, Customer Complaints, Audit performance, PPM, %age defective, Supplier performance, Operator performance – defective product.  What is a…

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